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Hi team ,

Can anybody let me know why can't my Boolean item have a check box ?

Attaching the snapshot


Guidance please!


2022-11-03 (5).png2022-11-03 (6).png 


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  • Because you don't have time in the line item? It is difficult to see because your screenshot does not show that part.



  • @StevenBeerthuizen 

    Which Screenshot you want to check that ?

    The model view or the Blueprint view?

  • @alexpavel 


    Yes checked it in the community, and understood it was due to DCA.


    Thanks a ton:)


    Have few more doubts, will attach to the thread.

    Your help is appreciated.

  • @alexpavel 



    Check your workCheck your workMy workMy workI want a little help with the DCA, 

    Attaching the Check your work" snapshot after the DCA and my work snapshot before doing the DCA.

    Can you guide me with the steps.



  • Is this the right way to do DCA?


    And my values are a slight different from the expected results.

    Will be great if anybody guides me to what and where things are wrong.




    2022-11-03 (7).png2022-11-03 (9).png

  • @Yogitha  the DCA works like this:

    - the source boolean used for DCA (Read or Write) needs to have common lists in order to be possible to be addressed in the Target module without  the need for LOOKUP.. in your case DCA module is AD02 and target module is INV01. 


    - if a DCA is setup on the "Read" column in target module and the value of the boolean is "FALSE" in DCA module, then the cell value will show always blank. (this means that the users cannot Read the cell content... even the cell could have values based on formulas, previous input, etc...).


    Hint: check in AD02 module what is the module dimensionality and what is the value of the DCA boolean... if they are FALSE, then this is the reason why you have blank cell in INV01. 


    DCA explained: