L2 2.3.10 Growth rate % formula is working however cell remains empty.


I am stuck with an issue which I can not solve. Pretty sure this is a simple thing I am missing. 

Please see attached screenshots.

Growth Rate % is not showing any value, however the formula in  "Default forecast" is using the value from "Growth Rate %" and calculates a value.


  • Karthik31
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    Try changing the line items summary into SUM. 


    Hope this helps!!

  • RavinderB
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    You are close; i would make sure you selector values are at the lowest list choice, and check you formula and summary settings.

    Please see below. You can see i am choose a specfic acc and SKU.


    thank you



    Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 16.38.25.png

    Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 16.38.36.png