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Before writing this post, I was curious how Webster's Dictionary defined the word "feedback." Although there were a few definitions, this one hits the mark: "information about reactions to a product,... etc. which is used as a basis for improvement."

We are hopeful you'll use this Community feedback board to post about the new experience: "what's working," "what do you like," "what needs updating," and "what's broke" and needs our attention!

Please post new threads here as you identify things you'd like to bring to our attention, because, well, you have our attention!

As you peruse the site, you'll also notice a "Community Ideas" in the Idea Exchange section (there's a link from the main navigation above). If you have an idea for a cool enhancement, feature or functionality you'd like us to consider for the community site or experience, please post that in the Idea Exchange. Once posted, the team will review the idea and set statuses. There's a good chance we will also follow up with you to learn more and showcase your idea in the near future!

Undoubtedly our Community members are familiar with the complexity of a large scale deployment! Rest assure that final touches are still in progress at launch, and that we have visibility into some known issues. For example, we are aware that some recent group memberships are not immediately reflected, and inbox messages have migrated as unread.

On behalf of the entire Community team, thank you for helping us make this Community an amazing experience and a destination you can rely on to help you succeed!


  • Liking the clean look and that am able to bring through particular areas directly onto the Homepage - no more having to remember where certain things are!

    Having personalised Halo boxes will be a great thing too.

  • @EricS

    1. Being a Moderator, how do I take down inappropriate or spam content from the community. I don't see the option anywhere.
    2. Where are the Solutions and Kudos KPIs?
    3. We used to submit articles, blogs via community, now it says that we need to email it to the team. I believe earlier approach was better.
  • Hey @Misbah thank you for your feedback! Let me try and answer your questions!

    1. You can "delete" inappropriate content. Simply click on the 3 "dots" and on the dropdown you'll see a few options including "delete" (entire thread) or an option for "delete comments" which would remove all comments from a post.

    2.Solutions has been replaced by "best answers' on the new platform and kudos has been replaced by "likes." You can find them in your profile - the green checkbox is the best answers (previously solutions).

    3.We are continually working to make our processes more efficient and streamlined. Additionally, we hope the new process provides greater access to members who may not have submitted in the past. we're certainly open to feedback and recommendations! Please keep the feedback coming!

    Have a great day!


  • Hi @Misbah

    Also, Community members should see the option to "Flag" messages, next to the option to "Like" them:

  • @KKuznetsov Thank you for the details and info! I read through your email as well and please know we are looking into this and the team will respond directly to your email in order to further clarify (if needed) or next steps so we can resolve this. Stay tuned!

    Thank you,


  • Hi, great look and feel. Where can I find what is new to Anaplan. We had a page with monthly products updates. The platform updates in Ressources tab has only one item. Thank you for your help !

  • Misbah
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    More Feedback:

    1. When we use "@" while responding to queries it doesn't pull up the relevant names of the people who are involved in the thread. Instead we have to type the full name of the person to address him/her. Old community UX used to do that.
    2. We only get to see the badges that we have already earned, we don't get to see what badges are to be earned. I think we have gone backwards here.
    3. Email Addresses not getting hyperlinked

    Will keep on adding as and when I discover anything.

  • TimWard70
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    Couple of Questions \ Comments>

    Is there a way to make the planual appear in a structured way with the pages in the right order? Currently just a random list of topics ordered by when something was last posted?

    Has Anapedia been impacted by this change? If so can we get the anapedia look and feel elsewhere on the web - I prefer it

    How do we navigate directly to Anapedia from the Community Pages? It used to be the top left menu was consistent across the web site, community etc, however this appears to have changed

  • Hi @EricS - one thing that's now bothersome is needing to always login to Community, before username/password was held for a period of time but now seems to require doing every couple of days.

  • ShubhamCh
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    Hi @EricS

    I like the minimalistic and organized look of the new community. I too have the same suggestions as @Misbah has mentioned above -

    • Tagging requires full name now, earlier it used to show suggestions related to the thread.
    • We don't get to see the upcoming badges. Earlier when we were able to see the next badge, it was kind of a motivating factor like after 10 answers, I'll have this badge.
    • Accepted answers and Kudos count was also great in the previous version of community. It distinguished people who write answers from the people who post questions or comment on a thread.
    • If we can get community in "Dark mode", it'll be great aesthetically.



  • Hi @ShubhamCh, thank you so much for your feedback! I would love to connect with you to chat and learn more about your feedback on badges and your overall Community experience. I’ll reach out :) Have a wonderful day! 

  • Hi,

    I started my Model building course from Learning Center. I completed my other courses and then Essentials of Model Building. Now I want to continue Level 1 Model Building (L1MB) course for which I need access to the Platform free for 90 days. 

    How can i generate a request for the same.

  • Hi @EricS

    I think we can't delete the comment on a question as well. We can only edit it.

    @ManjunathKN or @Misbah, please confirm it.


  • Broken links

    If a previous discussion has a link e.g. read this article: and when we follow the link it no longer works, how do we find\access the linked content?

  • Idea Upvoting -- can't tell if i clicked it before, sometimes the upvote button is not available, if it is available often times the page spits an error message when it's clicked (Incorrect datetime value: '0000-00-00 00:00:00' for column 'DateInserted' at row 1) .

  • @TimWard70 Is the link you're looking for related to the Academy/Learning?

  • @EricS I don't think so, it appeared to be a link to a community post about copying models between workspaces

  • EricS
    edited February 2023

    @bhill5 We're on it! Give us a day to track these down and we'll be sure to update you here.

    Thank you and have a great day!

  • @bhill5 Hi Bill! The two sparsity blogs can be found here:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    For the last link about Best Practices and/or the Planual, can you give more details on what that was? The Planual is here, but I can search for the specific article if I can understand more.



  • @bhill5 Regarding your post about Idea Exchange upvoting, you are correct: upvoting is unavailable when you've already voted for an idea (voting is limited to one vote per member per idea).

    For the error you mentioned, we are looking into that error – and thank you for providing the details/error text.

  • @TimWard70 here's an option worth considering. As you and others have suggested, there are search updates we are working on, which we hope to have resolved soon. In the interim, you may want to try which is another option. Also, using that search to query, I came up with these options:

  • Thanks, @EricS look forward to the search updates and hope the links in old posts become useable again, until then I agree we can search separately, it's just an unnecessary faff that adds extra time to researching a quick solution. I am sure there were good technical reasons for upgrading the site and usability will catch up as we get used to the new navigation etc.

  • EricS

    Hi folks,

    As you may have seen, there is a bit of content that actually migrated off community entirely. Although search can help find “where” this content may have moved within the Anaplan ecosystem, we are working with the content owners to identify the “new location/URLs” with vigor and update the links to this content over the next couple weeks. We certainly appreciate your patience as we organize this info and make it actionable.

    All the best,