Groups Mission and Vision


Mission: provide the place and tool to facilitate connection between people with similar interests, business goals, or objectives.

Vision: facilitation through non-Anaplan employees allowing customers to train customers and increasing their expertise within the Anaplan ecosystem.

Anaplan Groups are for people with similar interests, business goals, or objectives to interact and collaborate along their Connected Planning journeys. Through a wide variety of events and dedicated Community spaces, Group members can discuss and exchange best practices, collaborate on challenges, and expand their professional networks through long-lasting relationships with like-minded peers.

Anaplan Groups equip members to do more and go further with Anaplan. Meaningful peer-to-peer connections, a robust online experience, and diverse engagement opportunities provide the mutual support, education, and shared knowledge necessary to accelerate and sustain their Connected Planning journeys.

Anaplan Groups provide a unique opportunity for members to:

  • Discover and share return of experience from other local customers
  • Create our own network of fellow Anaplan users and experts
  • Enhance your Anaplan knowledge and skills with the technical groups
  • Deep dive on existing and upcoming product updates
  • Share your challenge and find solutions with the groups
  • Recognize local Anaplan Champions

Why join an Anaplan Group?

  • Enhance your Anaplan knowledge and skills
  • Meet and network with fellow Anaplan Community members
  • Have fun and be involved!