Import Shipping Expenses into OTH01 Module


Import Shipping Expenses into OTH01 Module 

In the Financial Planning & Analysis model: 

Import the data from the Supply Chain model into the OTH01 Non Employee Expenses module, Shipping Cost line item.

  • For department, import into the Sales department.
  • Run the import.
  • Results should have none ignored and 0 errors .

Attaching my snapshots.2022-11-05 (8).png2022-11-05 (9).png2022-11-05 (11).png2022-11-05 (12).png2022-11-05 (13).png


Can anybody help, what's the issue

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  • ShubhamCh
    edited November 2022 Answer ✓

    Hi @Yogitha 

    Use Match Names in time mapping. 

    It'll fix the problem.