How Do You Upload Future Fiscal Year Calendar?


Hi -

Our fiscal year is ending 12/31/22 and I need to upload our 2023 calendar into Anaplan but do not know how to do so - does anyone have documentation or a manual on how to do this?


Thank you!


  • luke_e
    edited November 2022

    Not sure if you're referring to loading data itself or changing your timescale, but I assume you're trying to do one of the following,


    1. Adding an additional financial year to your model, or

    2. Rolling your model forward a financial year (which drops off a year and adds on a new one).


    In both cases, navigate to the model, and open the 'Time' settings.


    If you'd like to add an additional year, increment the 'Number of Future Years' by 1 and hit Apply.


    If you'd like to roll the model forward a year, move the 'Current Fiscal Year' forward to the next year and hit Apply, but this will delete the earliest year in the model.


    You could also do both of the above depending on what you're after.

  • Kanishq17
    edited November 2022

    Hi @louieczech 


    There are some methods to achieve this , 


    1. In time settings , 

    If CY is FY22 , you can add future year as 1 , so it will include 2023 in the model calendar ( note this will bring the time to 2022 and 2023 and all modules applied to time will have this timescale ) 

    2. Other option is to rollover the current year ( change the current time to 2023 ) , however this will mean that fy22 data will be cleared out 

    3. There is an option to create a time range ( it is a time option available ) , in that time range you can specify the year needed and also the aggregate methods can be different .