Average of Daily Data


I am building a new model and have daily data.  Our data is only for weekdays though.  So when I use the average Sum method Anaplan averages in a zero for Saturday and Sunday which is obviously not what is required.  Seems like there should be an option in Model Settings/Time to allow me to define what a week is but there is not.  Any ideas on how to work around this issue?



  • A related issue is that I can't define the start or end day of my weeks.  In this case Anaplan's definition of starting on Sunday matches mine but other companies I have worked for that would not have been the case.  Retailers often start on Saturday or Monday.
  • You can get close to a solution with the WEEKDAY() function and a few extra line items.  Create a Weekday Count line item that will have a 1 value on weekdays and 0 value on non-weekdays using the formula: IF WEEKDAY(END()) < 6 THEN 1 ELSE 0.  Sum that and your original Daily Data line item and create a new line item to divide your data by Weekday Count.


    The WEEKDAY() function takes an optional parameter to indicate the start of the week.  This may help to address calendars that start the week on a different day.