How to choose multiple subset when I add a list item in the Apps

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Hi When I use Form to add an item in the list, is that possible that I can choose multiple subset for one item?


I want to add the item into these 3 subsets, I can do it in the list actually. The problem is only admin can operate list, user can not, so I want to develop a App for users, so they can add from here. 

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  • Misbah
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    FORMS don't have such feature. Also, I wouldn't recommend letting end users control the subset of the list. It has to be an admin activity or automated activity. Nevertheless, if you still need to get it done here is how you can achieve it.


    1. Create a module dimensioned by the same list where you want to update the subsets and create boolean formatted line items, one for each subset. Create a saved view within this module.

    2. Create an Import action which takes/imports the values from the saved view of this module to the list.

    3. Publish the action and module on to the dashboard for end users .


    Hope that helps,


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  • JensitSebastian
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    Hi @BruceSonos,


    Yes I agree that the way to achieve this via a Module and Line item. The Forms do not let you to choose multiple subsets. What I additionally understand is that you want same items to be added(ticked) in the other subsets too. For that you can take input in single line item say "S2" and use that to import into list for updating S1 and S3 subsets. Please see the attached picture. 


    Add Subset View.PNG

    Multiple subset updates.PNG








    Hope this helps.



  • AyanChakrabarty16
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    Hi @BruceSonos , unfortunately you cannot do that on the apps. And apart from that I don't think end users should control the structural components of your model. If you want to add list items to subsets best way would be to create an input module with 3 Boolean lines (for each subset). Create a Saved view and publish this view on the page. Next create an import action from that saved view to your list and map the 3 boolean line items to the 3 subsets.Lastly, Publish this action too just beside the Grid on that same page and provide user instructions (navigations). This way you can control your subsets items. 




  • BruceSonos
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    Hi All:

    Thank you for all your solutions, yes, I used module and import action to fix this issue, I added 3 line item (Boolean) to map the subsets in list and use import function to update the list, but before I import, I build a creation form, let user add the new list, meanwhile I publish the module in the app page, so user can uncheck those historical  data, here is the screen shot showed how I build the page: