syncronize in UX

Hi, I have a question about syncronization in UX.

In Classical DB, we can open two DB Pages. And Page Selectors in two DB are syncronized.

But in New UX, we can open only one Page.

If we open Pages by two browzers, we have to refresh(F5) the another page to syncronize it. Does Anaplan plan to develope a new function?


  • ShubhamCh
    edited November 2022

    Hi @CommunityMember125605 

    I didn't get "we can open only one Page.". You can open multiple pages in the same browser in different tabs. Hold Cmd or Ctrl and then click on the page's link. It'll open up in a new tab in the same browser. 



  • CommunityMember125605
    edited November 2022

    Hi, @ShubhamCh.

    I want to syncronize page selector in different tabs and different pages.

    I have region list as page selector.

    When I select Asia Region in PageA, Region remains as Europe in PageB.

    I have to refresh PageB to syncronize it.



  • ShubhamCh
    edited November 2022

    Hi @CommunityMember125605 


    I think page selector in NUX doesn't work across the pages in different tabs ( @ManjunathKN please confirm) but you can create a user filter in a grid and apply that filter on your pages. So when the User selects an option on the filter, it gets applied on both the pages and it work as synchronized selector.



    - Shubham