Delete list items based on a line item value selection and then clear the line item value


This seems an easy solve and I thought I'd done this on a previous project, but still having trouble.

What I want to do is delete items from our Transaction module based on a Period selected in a Data Management module and then run another import to clear the selection made in the DM module.  The Transaction module in the DH is only dimensioned by a transaction id flat list.  I've created a line item in the Data Management module to manually select a given period to delete, and set a boolean line item in the Transaction module to compare a Period formatted LI in the transaction module to the selection LI in the Data Management module.  Then I created a delete list items action based on the boolean in the Transaction module (FI Period = 'SYS010 Data Management'.Period to Delete). So far so good.

The issue arrises in trying to clear the Period selected in the DM module.  I've tried several ways:

  • using a time period (Month) formatted LI with BLANK set as the formula in the DM module (where there is no list dimension applicable to the module - only certain line items)
  • using a time period (Month) formatted LI with BLANK set as the formula in a separate module - with and without a dummy list applicable to the LI or the entire module

I can get the LI to clear in the DM module, but always get some an error - can be a different failure error depending how I've set up the saved view.  It's interesting that the action still clears the selection and basically does what I'd like it to, but would like to not receive an error even if the only person who sees it would be another admin - if we had one.





  • ujourney
    edited November 2022
    Sorry, wasn't thinking, and I didn't apply the dummy list to target and source