Quarter Boolean to check off at the last month of the quarter

Olek P
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I currently have a Boolean that is manually checked. It is selected at the quarter level. How could I get it to check off another boolean that is monthly? I would like it to check off at the last month of the quarter. Please let me know if this is clear. 




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  • ManjunathKN
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    you can create one line item at monthly level and add this logic.


    Parent(item(time))<>next(parent(item(time))) and quartervalue(quarter check line item)



  • luke_e
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    Is there one line for the quarterly input and another line for the monthly?


    If so, I'd use QUARTERVALUE()


    You could do a LOOKUP[X] using another line, but QUARTERVALUE() is significantly more efficient.

  • Olek P
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    so this works but it selects all the months in the quarter not just the last one. I need just the last month of quarter

  • Olek P
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    this worked , thank you so much