need to get lineitem into module with different dimensions

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Hi All, 


In need of some dire help right now. 


Background:  I work for a lending company. We dimension the data by turn (you can think of this as length of the loan)


How can I pull the "override amount" line item in ss1 into the "override from UX" line item in ss2? 


it can go into any of the list members in dimensioned in the columns if it has to idc. Thanks


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  • fabien.junod
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    As @Sai_Bharadwaj_Venati mentioned it, the module in ss2 has few more dimensions. Hence, if you directly reference the override from ss1 in ss2, that override would be "sent" to each list items of the extra dimensions. As a result, you would be counting multiple times the override.


    If you don't want that and would like to send the override to a specific line item for each dimension, you could write

    IF list_item_1 and list_item_2 and list_item_3 THEN override from ss1 ELSE 0

    where list_item_x are boolean line items in the SYS module for each of the additional dimensions where the desired list item is set as TRUE


  • Sai_Bharadwaj_Venati
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    U r module 1 has dimensions -> Turn, Month; U r module 2 has some extra dimensions but includes Turn, Months. I think directly referring to module 1 should fetch the data. 



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    Hi Fablen,



    Thank you so much. One quick follow up question. 


    Could you elaborate on the last part of your message please? So what would I have to do if I want to only add 10 million to one dimension? (turn 6) Would I have to select one specific item for the rest of the dimensions? 

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    and what would the system modules look like? what are the dimensions?

  • fabien.junod
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    Hello @opolishchuk 

    Let's assume in your target model (C18 Allocated Production Summary) you have 3 extra dimensions that are not in you source module (C76 checkbox Q > M). I have highlighted those extra dimensions in yellow (Credit, Radio and New Cash Advance)


    Let's also assume these are the items in those dimensions (i.e. lists)



    For each of those lists, you create a SYS module with a bollean "list item for override" line item. The SYS module only have one dimension (Credit, Radio and New Cash Advance). Then you select in which list item you want the override to flow to. ONLY select ONE list item






    Then, in you target module the formula for the "Override from UX" would be

    IF SYS Credit.List item for override AND SYS Radio.List item for override AND SYS Cash Advance.List item for override THEN 'C76 Checkbox Q>M'.Override Amount ELSE 0


    You can see the override appears under the selected list items in the SYS modules. In my case, I selected "Credit 2", "Radio 1" and "Cash Advance 2"





  • Olek P
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    thank you so much, you're the GOAT