Demand Planning


I am looking to build a demand planning app and had decided to use the Statistical Product Forecasting app from the App Hub.  However all the data is only in monthly buckets.  My process needs to have weekly data and forecasts.  I have looked through other available apps as well but any app that does forecasting seems only to use months, not weeks.  Has anyone built a demand planning app using weeks?  Is there one available that I missed?



  • Hi Brent,

    Are you specifically looking for an app that already has pre-populated data at the weekly level? Or can you just adjust the existing Statistical Product Forecasting app to run at the weekly level?  Happy to provide the steps for that if that's what you're looking for, otherwise I'm not familiar with any demand planning apps that are built at the weekly level (though they certainly may exist).

    -Chris Weiss
  • Yes, I will adjust the current app if that is what it comes to.  In fact I've started down that path already.  But there are a lot of places that have to be touched in order for it to work weekly instead of monthly.  In fact I am debating whether it would be better to start from scratch and just hijack some of the logic from the prebuilt app.
  • Yep, that's what we see too on Anaplan implementations.  Simpler builds usually start from existing models and are then tweaked, and more complex builds start from scratch within a general framework respecting best practices of (and stealing some logic from) existing models.  Sounds like you have what you need to be successful!

    -Chris Weiss
  • Well, ultimately yes.  But my original question remains.  I would much rather have an app built for weekly.  I've spent a career in Supply Chain and I don't know any industry or business that forecasts monthly.  Maybe in Finance that is sufficient but for manufacturing, sales, and inventory planning you have to have things weekly.
  • Hi Brent

    Yes most of the apps in the hub are built for monthly process,

    Demand planning would require a  weekly or even daily to meet day to day commitments but that would be handled by SCM System, Anaplan would just help at broad level in managing the numbers I guess.

    But yes you could do your planning by week in anaplan for specific processes and then map them for analytics and reporting purpose to the other reporting models present in the hub.