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Today, when I pulled Comparison Report in our Model, I got additional lines in the "Modules Changed" section, which is like "Fallback Context Policy: Old Value" which is - and "Fallback Context Policy: New Value" which is SINGLE. What is this meant by? I am not getting this. Could anyone please help me understand this?



Sai sri



  • Misbah
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    Hmm!! @rob_marshall You know what's that?

  • taylor_rogers
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    I received the exact same thing this morning and have logged a ticket with Support to see if someone can tell me what all the changes are. 

  • ipekkirali
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    I am on the same boat as well. Is this related to a platform update? 


    Should we be concerned/hold off on pushing revision tags? Please advise!!

  • rob_marshall
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    I did not know about this, but only know what @taylor_rogers posted.

  • ipekkirali
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    thank you!

  • Saisri8568
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    Thank you Taylor !
  • elif
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    We have been dealing with the same issue. Hundreds of changes are shown on the comparison report. 

  • luke_e
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    Ditto - same dilemma over here.


    We've also experienced issues with exports not working anymore, although this seems to be limited to .xls type exports (including ad-hoc exports). Unsure if limited to just our tenant or whether it's an issue more broadly.

  • Youxu
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    i meet the same issue. how to solve it?
    need reture to old vision?

  • superuser12
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    Hi All , this has been identified as an outstanding known issue after the 12th Nov platform update. A workaround is provided until the issue is officially fixed. Please find the workaround below, I will also paste the article identifying the issue here.


    1. Revert the DEV model to the serial at which the source revision (where prod model currently sits) was created.
    2. Create a new revision tag.
    3. Now compare the target revision in DEV with this new revision to see what will really be in the sync.
    4. If happy with the changes listed, run the sync to PROD.
    o Be aware that the comparison report will still show all the extra information when you step through the sync process here, but you can be sure that the comparison report generated from the DEV model in Step 3 contains the true changes.
  • andrewtye
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    You've probably also seen that the next time you sync to the same model those extra lines on the "comparison summary" have disappeared. So maybe just a one-time, slightly annoying, thing - or something has been done in the background over the last two hours! (12am - 2pm UK 15 Nov)