Updating hierarchy lists from user selection

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Hi, lets say I have this hierarchy: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, some users need to change A4 from a module, this change need to update the list A4 and obviously this will impact A5-A6 lists.


So I was thinking in creating a action that imports from this module into the list A4 but the point is that only the items changed by the user need to be imported, the others should keep as they are,


An important constrain is that all hierarchies are updated daily from a datahub but those that were overridden should take the value selected by the user for A4, not the one coming from the datahub.


I've tried creating a boolean line item in my module that checks true when the user selects A4 option, then I was trying to reference from a property in the list A4 but not sure how to proceed,

In the image below the user selected an option for A4, then the boolean checks as true


This is how my list properties currently looks like



Any ideas on how to accomplish the scenario?


Thanks in advance


  • Misbah
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    Ideally, we should not let end users change the master data of the model as It should be system driven. Secondly, single source of truth for hierarchies is always recommended - Data Hub,  one of the reasons that DH is created. Let's say if the user changes the list item at A4 level and move it from one parent to another, it will always be over-ridden to its original value by Data Hub as and when the change from Data Hub be pushed to spoke model. So the ideal place to make these changes is Data Hub and I understand that end users will not have access to Data Hub, you will have to assign this task to admins of Data Hub.


    In your example,

    1. You will have to take this boolean back to data hub and then bring the hierarchy results based off of it OR

    2. You can push the import action from Data Hub to a Staging module of spoke model and finally you can load it into hierarchical lists from the staging module.

    If I was you I wouldn't do either of these as I would want Data Hub to be my Single Source of Truth for hierarchies.

    Hope that helps,


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  • JohanSmith
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    Thanks @Misbah for your recommendations, I'll have to go with the second option


    Thanks again,