The new Modeling Experience is here!

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If you attended ACE 2022 or have been keeping up in Community lately, you’ve probably heard about exciting new changes to the Anaplan model building experience. That’s because the new and improved Modeling Experience will soon officially become the default modeling interface, but you can start using it today! Though the new Modeling Experience (NMX) was introduced in beta last May, I’m sure there are many finding themselves using the new interface for the first time. I’m here to ease your concerns and share the perspective of another Community member, Andrew Tye (@andrewtye), Certified Master Anaplanner, Process Designer at Aviva, and 2022 ACE Award Winner, on why we’re so excited about the switchover!

Before I get started, if you’d like a (brief) comprehensive overview of what you can expect with NMX, check out this snippet from VP Global Technical Account Management, Anthony Losurdo (@anthony_losurdo), at the November 2022 ACE event. It's important to note that Apps and Pages within the user experience (UX) remain unchanged, so if you're a UX user, or if you’ve already switched over to NMX, I encourage you to keep reading to make sure you know about all of the latest and greatest new features of the new Modeling Experience!

As Anthony mentioned, the NMX has reached functional parity with the classic modeling interface, so you'll have all the same functionality, plus so many amazing new features! Let’s hear some of Andrew’s favorites, starting with enhanced object search.

You can even search directly within the formula editor! Try clicking Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+F to search within your model while you're writing a formula! 

Another new feature that's revolutionized the ability to collaborate during model development, communicate across teams, set up UX data validation dashboards, and a personal favorite of mine — deep links!

A really exciting enhancement has also been added for ALM developers, making it much easier to sync revisions between models.

As Andrew said, the new Modeling Experience enhancements are true “quality of life stuff." But what does that mean for end users still utilizing direct model views and classic dashboards? Not much! Classic dashboards and model views remain the same, with minor yet familiar changes to navigation, plus all the benefits of new features like enhanced object search and deep links.

To help you navigate change management, Andrew mentioned these links. Here you'll find excellent resources to review and share within your organization:

It's important to note that the classic modeling interface is still available. However, if you do find yourself switching back, please tell us why! We'd love to hear your feedback in the comments so that we can continue to improve NMX and make your modeling experience top-tier.

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I am looking forward to hearing about your personal experiences with NMX! I encourage you to leave a comment with any personal wins and any questions or challenges you have, and we're happy to help. Happy modeling everyone!