Error Message when loading into a List


Could you please explain what this error message implies? I believe that it is saying that it rejected the duplicated in that column of data that I loaded into the List, is this correct? 






Thank you 

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  • luke_e
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    As a starting point, you'd need to consider what makes each record unique in your data set.


    Your data is likely unique to your org so it's hard to judge, but based on one of your screens, you'd potentially want to create a code field which joins the code component of 'Entity: Name' and 'Expense ID', as a starting point as they seem to be some form of identifier.


    I can't see what other fields are in play and the two alone may not be enough but your goal is that each record should be uniquely identified. The exception is where you're loading data over time, into multiple versions, or the like.


  • luke_e
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    Assuming you're using a numbered list, your 'Code' field is not unique and there's multiple records using that same 'Code'.


    If you're using a non-numbered list and potentially, you're using 'Name' as your ID, the name you're using is also duplicated in your import file.


    Ignored records could be multiple things such as blank rows being loaded (depending on file type used) or you're loading in records which are only applicable at a summary level (such as nodes or aggregates).


  • neg177
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    ok, thank you for your response. What would be the best way to fix this error load?