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Hello Anaplan Community 🙂 


Currently: I have several pages with multiple slides built out in Management Reporting. I want to continue to have the individual pages; however, I also want to copy each slide and create 1 complete Presentation Deck available to export. Is it possible to duplicate slides but add them to a different Management Reporting page? Each slide has been very time consuming and would be brutal to rebuild again to pull them into the Presentation Deck.



1. 11.58.49 Screenshot - Each of these pages have multiple slides within them

2. 12.01.46 Screenshot - This is the Presentation Deck that I want available to export that will consist of over 50 slides and comprised of most of the pages and slides listed in the screenshot above


Fingers crossed that this is possible!


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  • andrewtye
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    I don't think that it is... @sprender will be able to remind if this is on the roadmap for Management Reporting.

    If not drop it on Idea Exchange and will definitely get behind it! 👍

  • sprender
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    It is possible today to duplicate a report. So you could duplicate a report and delete the slides you didn't need. Although if you want to merge multiple slides together from different reports this isn't currently possible. We do have a roadmap item to allow the report builder to import slides from other reports so this sounds like it will help provide a solution. Remember reports are currently limited to 300 slides and 2000 data bound cards (for pdf export) which is something to be aware of when merging together multiple slides.

  • Almasees
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  • kjochim
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    Could you provide more information on the mentioned roadmap item and the ETA for release? This would be a HUGE win for management reporting.

  • andrewtye
    edited December 2022