Errors while running process.

Hi, I'm getting below error while running for all process in the model which were running correctly till last week, each process involves imports from multiple models(1 -5), what can be reason for this error? what is workaround?

error -> Error Message : "localMessageText": "Import connector: Failed to retrieve data from remote server (caused by: Anaplan API: Failed to retrieve data (caused by: EOF)



  • StevenBeerthuizen
    edited December 2022
    Maybe you can tell us some more about the kind of processes you are trying to run? Is it all the porcesses, do you use anaplan connect or manually, cloudworks, etc?
  • swapnil_J
    edited December 2022

    Hi @StevenBeerthuizen , I am getting these error while running the process manually as well while running through a integration tool. The process involves snapshot of previous, data updating list, Importing data into target module and then generating exports.  Im getting error in third step while loading data in the target module.

    Number of records in the target module are more than 25 million, and source models are 1-5. 

  • ben_speight
    edited December 2022

    This shouldn't happen, there could be several causes - can you raise it with Support?

  • LokeshNandula
    edited December 2022

    Hi Swapnil,


    Please let us know how this issue got fixed. We are facing a similar issue while executing the action. 

  • Hi @LokeshNandula run keep alive process in the source models and ensure to run the process in target model only during non-working hours so that source model are not busy and process run smoothly in target