"Line Item identifier(s) were not mapped and ignored" during data import



I am running an import from saved view into a model and I am facing this notification - it is not an error, but at the same time nothing gets imported because of it. Weird thing that this line item was indeed mapped and it was mapped automatically.








Any idea what could be wrong here?

Thank you!


  • rishabh01
    edited November 2022
    Can you share the screenshot of last tab of mapping "INP - promo calendar line items" ?
  • NataliaLink
    edited November 2022

    Yes, sure!



  • Misbah
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    Outlet format wo totals :Name -  Can you use code of this line instead of Name and see if that helps



    Miz Logix

  • NataliaLink
    edited November 2022

    Actually it is mapping formats code to a name correctly:


    In fact I am wondering why these 2 columns are even considered as line items (Outlet formats wo total and Target scenario code for copy calendar) if I map those to specific target initially (not to line items). It should not appear here, right?

  • rishabh01
    edited November 2022

    Thanks for sharing that.

    What's happening is that "target scenario code for copy calendar" is not ignored and hence it's getting ignored while running import.

    If you see in the screenshot, there is "ignore unmapped" button click on that and then click ok.

    Again, run the import and check if the same message appears again.



  • NataliaLink
    edited November 2022

    If I do that, it has no errors, but it imports nothing because basically everything is ignored:



    If I understand it correctly, this "target scenario code for copy calendar" should not appear as line item at all because it is mapped to a specific target:




  • Nipsa
    edited June 2023

    Hi @natalialink , I am facing a similar issue.

    I did some testing. Seems like the Saved View you created for the import should never be altered once imported. The column "target scenario code for copy calendar" should get ignored in the initial action creation by itself. After creation, if the view was pivoted and updated, it would update your mapping, and leaves the column un-ignored. Even after you specifically make it ignored, it would import nothing.

    I think the catch is to create the Saved View and Action in one go, and not making any changes in the same once created.

    Solution in my case was to recreate the actions.