Add columns to modules with differences and ratios and between years

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Hi everyone,


I have I doubt which is if it is possible to add a column or more to a certain module in order to know for example the difference between the revenues in FY20 and F21 or a ratio that shows how much it grew from one year to the other.





In this specific example I want to create something as can be seen bellow with 2 new columns named difference and variation which it is just the difference between the 2 years and the variation on these line items.





Can anyone help me?



  • ShubhamCh
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    Hi @ManuelSampaio 


    Looking at your screenshot, I observe that you are using following dimensions:- Time (Columns) and Countries (Pages). Line items are in rows. 

    You won't be able to add new columns beside time because they don't belong to time. What you can do is, create two line items

    • Difference, formula- Revenues - Previous (Revenues) 
    • Variation, formula - Revenues/Previous(Revenues)

    You'll have to follow the same for other line items as well if you want to see the difference and variations for them.


    The other way is to create one more module with Countries as dimension and using Select formula to see the difference and variations. 


    I am not sure if LISS can also be used here to solve this problem or not.




  • ManjunathKN
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    Hi @ShubhamCh,

    LISS can be used here, but the problem here is you cannot still have Nomenclature like FY20, FY21.
    It will be CY-1, CY (something like that) because line items cannot be dynamic. 

    There is one more option with LISS here and you can still have FY20, FY21 along with difference & variations through dynamic renaming of line items but this requires a Revision tag to pull the data, as import is done for line items(to change the line item for next year and so on) which is structural information -