How to make a numbered list to populate another numbered list increasing its size?



Hi everyone,


Anyone knows how to submit data from a numbered list to another numbered list (with the same dimensions) by adding lines to that other list? Both lists are numbered because their items have no identifiers such as code or name.

The idea is to have an initial list that is blank that users fill out, and once they have filled it out they click a button and submit that information to another list, and the initial list is blank again to be able to add new inputs.

The number of lines in the second list must increase according to the number of filled lines in the first list. For example, if the first input contains the numbers #1 to #8 and the second input contains the numbers #1 to #4, it is expected that the second list will contain values #1 to #12.


Does anyone know how to do something like this?







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  • sobaid
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    1.Basically you need a numbered list called staging list populated with say 100,10000,or even a 100000 the larger the better,
    2 Then dimension a module called (Staging module) based on this list (create desired line items and fill them or give an export option for a user to export and import back).
    3. Create one more line item and write the formula to get the index number of the list which will come as #1,#2, write logic to make this index numbers as 1#,2#,3#.... (call it as index code).
    4,Create a saved view with index code and import into the code of a new numbered list say main list.
    5.In the staging module,create another saved view with the index code and line items you want and import it into an new module say Main module dimensioned with the main list based on the code.

    6.Lastly create a delete action for the staging list.It will work as per your requirements.
    6.You need two lists and two modules for this
    Please reach out if you have more questions! 😉