Sum Weeks to Months based on date of WeekMonday

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Hello everyone!

I am desperately trying to map which weeks go into which months, based on the date of the monday. The monday should hence decide the month for which the given weeks data should be allocated in full. 

Please see enclosed image (see "ISOWeekMondayMonths"), where I have managed to have the system automatically help me assign the right months to the given weeks. Problem is I am not sure how to reposition and utilize it to calculate the wished for monthtotals in the data/calculation-module (see "MonthTotals.png")

I want to avoid anything that relates to "Fake weeks, months" etc. and instead solve it through mapping or similar.

Found some previous posts that are somewhat close to this challenge, but I have not been able to solve it despite their helpful content - maybe a sharper Anaplanner can help me adjust the solution to the issue I am facing?

@ChrisAHeathcote @rob_marshall (tagging you lads in the hope that you might be able to support as you have been incredibly helpful in the linked to threads)


Thanks in advance )



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  • StevenBeerthuizen
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    Your SYSBB module has FY20 dates in it. But by now you have solved that I guess. Anyway, you keep on having issues adding up the data in a decent month overview, because the Anaplan engine will just add it up in the native way. If you don't need the months anymore later on then there is of course no issue. KR, Steven


  • StevenBeerthuizen
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    Guess that's impossible without "fake" time dimensions. I read a comment from David Smith once that it had to do with the design of the hyperblock. Anyway, time won't roll up based on a mapping, but by the default blocks. 



  • SirValdemar
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    Hey Steven,


    Thank you for responding. Would it not be possible to avoid fake time list by doing something similar to what Rob suggested in this thread?

    So if I can get Anaplan to automatically put the right start week and end week to each month, then I could use the same solution which Rob suggested with days/dates?

  • SirValdemar
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    Like the enclosed picture where I have attempted to implement what Rob suggested, but with weeks instead of days. However I do not get the results I hoped for. Must be missing something! 🙂

  • SirValdemar
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    Thanks Steven,


    Guess I have stared at it for too long to even notice! For this solution to work I need fully automate it however but need to be able to find a solution to this last challenge I have enclosed a picture of below. You wouldn't have to have an idea on how I could get the right min-max weeks into those monthly cells by any chance?? 🙂

  • @SirValdemar I have a very similar ask to your initial question. Were you able to find a workable solution? If so, would you mind sharing it?