New UX Native Filter - The "All" Check

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Has anyone tried to use the "All" check in the native UX filter? 
When I type a "search text" in the filter text box underneath "Equal to," I get search results that meet that criteria. But when I clicked on "All," I expected the boxes for all the search results to be checked. 

But that's not the case. I have to check each filter search result individually.

E.g., in the example below, I would like to check all vendors with the "MS - " text with one "All" click.

The Vendor is a list-formatted line item. 

I guess if it were a text-formatted line item, I would have had the option to filter using a "contains" or "includes." 



Has anyone experienced this? 


  • ChrisStauffer
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    Please submit this idea to the idea exchange 


  • ManjunathKN
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    Hi @sosunkwo,

    You cannot do it with list or text formatted line items.Why? For this we need to understand the summary. The summary in Anaplan can hold single value, a list data type or text data type can hold any single outcome in summary but ideally we want to have all text values in our summary, which is not possible. When you think of Boolean data type it can have only 2 outcomes in summary (True or false). so, the logic should be, when nothing is selected, summary should be true and when any item is selected, summary should be false. In this way you can get the single selection or multiple selection or all item selections when nothing is selected, in a Boolean filter.

    create a module with 3 LI,

    -Selection for list in Boolean formatted, summary as any

    -NOT of first line item

    -if first line item[select: level] then first line item else second line item.

    use 3rd line item as filter against target module for that list.