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I have a Action that was not set up by myself and trying to figure out how the Action is working. How I'm interpreting the Action is that it populates the List by Puling LI's from a module called D02a. But that module is dimensioned by the List so I would think that List would have to be populated first. So I need help seeing how this action works. 





Thank you 

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  • R_Goza
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    It looks like the first action is updating the "Recovery Payment ID" list. It would probably help to understand the source for the first action first. Based on the action name I'm assuming it's the "D02a" module as you point out, but I would verify that. To determine that, go to "Actions" and click on the "Imports" tab at the top. Find your action and then look at the "Source Object". This will tell you if the list is being updated from a module, saved view, or file. If the source is a saved view it will tell you the name of the saved view so you can look to see what like items are visible and if any filters are applied in the saved view. 


    Hopefully this helps.  


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