Filter to show only list items with a monthly value?

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I have a P&L based on a list of accounts (rows) and months and FY (columns) where I want to show only accounts which have a value <> 0 in any of the months in current time period. 
Today this is solved by a filter in the P&L to show only accounts with a value <> 0 for FY21 OR FY22 OR FY23 (model holds those three years).
This works ok except that it is easy to forget to update the filter with new years AND there is a slight possibility that an account has 0 as value for FY but not for all months (ex Jan-22 amount +10, Feb-22 amount -10, FY22 amount 0)
Is there a way create a dynamic filter to achieve this?
Or at least a way to create a filter in another module which would be easier to administrate than going in to every report and change the filter?
Thanks a lot for any ideas!

Best, Lisa



  • StevenBeerthuizen
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    You can make an absolute amount line item and use that one to do the filtering in an attribute module containing the time dimension in years.