List Items appearing in Context Selector under Parent

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I am new to Anaplan and not sure for the reason this occurs. In this instance, when I choose to Hierarhcy filter so I have the context selector at the top of the page, it shows the parent as well as the list items below it. Is anyone able to explain why this occurs. I only want to show the parent in the dropdown. I cannot select a list item but it appears under the parent in the context selector. I have had this happen a few times and it would be good to understand why.

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  • R_Goza
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    When you have a dimension pivoted to the rows like in your example, the context selector won't be available at the top of the page unless you turn on the "Hierarchy filter" like you've done. Unfortunately, when the hierarchy filter is enabled you lose the ability to filter the context selector to show only the parents. You also lose the ability to show levels and sync selections for that axis.

    If you can publish something else to the Page with the parent dimension then the parent dimension will show up as a context selector and you can hide the context selector with the parent and child. I use this as a workaround sometimes.

    You might also add this as an enhancement request in the idea exchange. I haven't checked, but it might already exist. Requests in the idea exchange help influence the roadmap.

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