Action Time-Out on Importing Numbered list security into Users > Selective Access


Hello all,

I am building security actions and processes. I have a number of lists with selective access. My imports on non-numbered lists all work fine with the import line items formatting as the lists.

One of my lists that has selective access is a numbered list. Instead of the import line items being the list, I have the import line items typed as Text: Name of list item.

This works when I import into the Selective Access:Write. However, the exact same thing into Selective Access:None times out and the action hangs at 73% indefinitely. I thought it might be a size issue so even tried adding some filtering to cut down on the number of list items and tried a few more runs but they still all time out.

I'm not sure what the issue is since the exact same set up works as I would expect when importing into the 'Write' selective access.

Any ideas what's going on??