Value Restrictions on Number Formatted Line Items

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Is anyone aware of community posts regarding the ability to add value restrictions on number formatted line items? Examples: Limit user entry to positive values for a user input line item on sales targets. Or limit users to only entering values from 1-100. I think the positive/negative/sign issue comes up a lot when overriding debit or credit lines that may need to be a certain sign and users may not have an immediate recognition of what sign is correct where.

Right now the best way I have found is to use conditional formatting to highlight inappropriate values in red so that users know they are entering a value that is wrong. I think it would be really helpful if there were to be an option to add value restrictions when setting the number format on a line item.



  • bhubeshrana
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    Conditional formatting is the best approach.

    However you can use below logic if it suits your requirement.

    The best approach here would be to use a list.

    Create a list using 1 - 100 with a property formatted as number from 1 - 100.
    Format your input with the list and create a additional line item formatted as number. Reference the list property so that you can convert the list selection to a number format to use in down stream calculations.
    This would be the easiest and simplest approach. However, you will not be able to set a default and will have to use one of the other methods if this is still required.


    Bhubesh Rana

  • TimPeterson
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    Thanks @bhubeshrana. I hadn't considered using a list. I can definitely see how leveraging a list to put limits on user input could work in some circumstances.