NUX KPI Decimal Customization

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Hi, might be a silly question, but wanted to confirm with the broader group here. When selecting millions & thousands, it seems like KPI cards in NUX default to 0 or 2 decimals, depending on the value. If we wanted to customize to 1 decimal, would we need to create a text formatted line item with the relevant K/M?


Related, has anyone else seen this "use case"? It's a small thing, but visually, either 0 or 1 decimal places make sense depending on the size of the business in review.




  • Misbah
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    Yes we usually do get these scenarios and the best way to handle these scenarios is that you create another line and divide the original line with a million (1,000,000). For example 123,456,789 will be shown as 123.46M on KPI card & if you divide this number with a million in another line item (keeping the decimal place to 1) the result would be 123.5

    Suffix this new line item with the letter "M".

    Keep the Number scale in UX as "None" and publish the new line item on KPI card.


    Note: You can also use ROUND function if need be. However I believe you may not be required to do so.

    Hope that helps


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    Ah ****, I'll submit a post in idea exchange - not sure if it'll be slated for release, but one can always try!

  • @jackcplanning 
    Worth submitting it as an idea