Level 2 Sprint 1 List Import Errors

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When I imported flat files for Sprint 1 1.3 I did not include a parent as instructed, so my country list has only a code, and my location list likewise (see image).  However, when I then import this list into G2 Country, it now has no parent listed under region.  When I try to write a PARENT(ITEM(___)) formula, I receive errors, bc the SYS05 Region Details does not have a list of children.  So when I import the list, there is no hierarchy and it simply looks like the attached.


What am I doing wrong here?


  • rishi8118
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    in SYS05 Region Details Module, can you please try this: CODE(ITEM(Region Flat)). Also before  applying the formula, it would be better if you could delete the previous hierarchy and import a fresh one in G2 Country list.

  • Kanishq17
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    Hi @PSeaworth 


    The Region is parent for country , so when importing you need to map code to code and Region as parent for the country , then when you use parent() you can get the region item 


  • PSeaworth
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    It still isn't working after deleting G2.  I get the attached error now.

  • But when I do this the list is no longer flat.