Level mismatch on common dimension

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I know this question has been asked many times already but I'm not following the solutions without my own example.


I'm getting this error with the following modules and dimensions.


TARGET: To add "Total Hires" to the Headcount and Expenses module dimensioned by Employee and Pay Type

SOURCE: Total Future Hires in the New Hire Count module dimensions by New Hires and Pay Type


New Hires List and Employee List have the same parent.


My formula is simply:

'DAT04 New Hire Count'.Total Future Hires
I know I'll need some other logic (IF statements) to get everything to function properly.

What do I need to do to the formula to get it to work?


Thanks in advance! Appreciate the support and guidance.



  • The error relates to a mapping issue between the two lists, i.e. Anaplan can't work out a way to transfer the data from one line item to the other via aggregation. This means you need a Lookup or SUM from some sort of mapping module to bridge the gap. Looking at your screenshots you are trying to get from O5 to O4 but do both of these lists share the same parent rather than rolling up into each other?


    If that's the case then you need a module for O5 that has a line item mapping it to O4 which you can then lookup to or SUM by in your formula.


    Hope this helps