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I have a list of Products that has its own Parent (Product Brand).

Also I have a Country list with Region as Parent.

Some of the Products correspond to certain countries, and some of them to more than one country:


Product A (Brand A) -> Country 1

Product B (Brand A) -> Country 1

Product C (Brand B) -> Country 1

Product D (Brand C) -> Country 2

Product E (Brand D) -> Country 2

Product E (Brand D) -> Country 3

Product E (Brand D) -> Country 4


Is there a way to have a list where if I select Country 1 I can see Products A, B, C, if I select Country 2 I can see Product D and E, and for countries 3 and 4 I will also see Product E?


Thank you!



  • ManjunathKN
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    Hi @magalimdo ,

    I have couple of ideas here,

    1. Creating a product list below the Country list in second list comp hierarchy (if not feasible due to sizing or anything)

    2. Creating a separate list of product and country list, and map this country list and country list of second comp hierarchy list using finditem to create a relation between source and target modules.


  • rob_marshall
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    @ManjunathKN @magalimdo 


    The problem with that is if the mapping changes, you have to clean up the list which will require an action.


    A better way, and this is depending on the number of Customers and Products, but create a module dimensionalized by both (Products and Customers) with a boolean line item (true for mapping).  And now you can filter on that line item to show the appropriate Products for a certain Customer as well as going the other way, if needed.


  • ManjunathKN
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    Hi @rob_marshall,

    Agree that a system filter module between dimensions will have less hazzle. Like you mentioned it depends on item count of the dimensions and also count of target modules that are associated with this sys module. I was concerned on sparsity.

    Other ways, which I had answered considers more of static approach if mapping doesn't change more often, We definitely need action for deletion, and if it is more dynamic then yes, it is not a good approach. 


  • magalimdo
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    Hi @ManjunathKN @rob_marshall 


    I have hundreds of Products and 70 countries. I think sparsity may be a problem.

    I am not sure if mapping will often change, but I will try to adapt your solutions and see if it works.


    Thank you!

  • @magalimdo 


    Something to think about and read, if you haven't already: