Level 2 sprint 1.3.3 review lists in Tree View

Hi, i have imported all 3 files (Regions, Countries and Locations) when checking the work against the example given i have no lists showing in tree view. 


It should look like this:


but i have this 



data was imported in blueprint as so:


which came out like this 



pivot is 


can anyone help? this is the case across all 3 (regions, Country and Location)

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  • Misbah
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    For Modules - Imports should not be run when you are in blueprint mode. Make sure you come out of blueprint mode and then run the import action

    For Lists - if you are updating it from files, It doesn't look like that imports have updated anything. Run it again




    Miz Logix


  • thanks so much for your help. i uploaded the data into the modules when they should have been imported into the lists. all working as expected now. thank you