How to add boolean as true above intersection of same month

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Hi Everyone,

I have a module with 2 dimension & 1 Line item.

Dimension 1 - Anaplan Month time (In columns)

Dimension 2 - Time List ( In Rows : Similar to Anaplan time month)

Line item name - Boolean up true.


In Time List , I have 5 months:

Jan 22

Feb 22

Mar 22

Apr 22

May 22

Now , please see the attached Image.

The way you can see boolean ticked as true for same month intersection &  months above it in same column which I have done manually but I want to add a formula where I can automate it.

I tried doing multiple workaround(made finditem between time list & anaplan time) , but still have not find the desired result.

Can someone help !!!.








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