Stress Testing on Anaplan ICAAP/ICARA

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Hey Everyone,

I'm just wondering if anyone has tried to use Anaplan for stress testing?

How did you go about it and was it advantageous to use Anaplan over something more flexible like excel?

If it was advantageous how so?
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  • ryan_kohn
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    Sounds relevant to this post (conveniently from the Anaplan blog): Stress Testing: From a regulatory burden to a financial planning opportunity.

  • Hi @Padraig1234 

    In our model set we have a stress testing model for one area and will be next year building out a much wider ranging stress testing model.

    What we're really talking is scenario / what-if analysis albeit under a regulatory framework (normally).

    All about setting those parameters for testing and creating the right outputs - the flexibility question is swings and roundabouts. On the one hand a nicely controlled environment vs the ability to do a fairly random and unthought of test scenario - but if built right most things can be covered of.