Sending of notifications to multiple users


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I have a question regarding the notification aspects on the UX dashboard. I created a notification form where I would like the user to be able to send an email to different people using a dropdown. My question here is that it doesn't seem possible to send it to other people when you are not a model builder on the model, you can then only send it to you. Is there anything that can be done about it?


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  • @helenaparessant 


    No, that's not true. You don't have to be a model builder to work with Notify action. As a page designer when you are done creating Notification button for end users, publish it on a Page. When end users click Notify button, it is going to send a notification based on the dropdown to recipient's email address. 

    Note: Here end users are not necessarily model builders but just consumers or end users. Anybody who has access to this page can run this notify action.


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