level 2 sprint


why run is showing error?

Best Answer

  • AlejandroGomez

    Hi @laxmitater

    it seems there is a mismatch between the column headers in the file you are trying to upload and the column headers you used to map the action.

    You should go to your actions view and look for your "9.3 Import Shipping Metrics" and Edit it. Please, follow these steps.

    Once you are in the Edit view, first make sure that everything is mapped. Check each tab to look for anomalies.

    Then, check which dimension you have mapped as "column headers" (in my example below, I am using time, but you could have mapped any other dimension or Line Items to Column Headers).

    Just check the name of the column headers in the preview that anaplan provides below the mapping boxes and compare these column headers to the ones in the file you are attempting to load.

    I am sure you will find some discrepancies. Else, please share a screenshot of the column headers of the file you want to upload and another picture of the "edit" view of your 9.3 action and hopefully we will find the issue.