Anaplan certification badges not updated


Completed my L3 and Solution Architect certifications last year but the badges didn't update. I found a post from someone last year asking when the certification badge updates would occur and a moderator advised it would get updated once the new community UX was completed. I understand the community UX update is quite recent but would you be able to advise when our certification badges would get updated?

Also feedback on the search functionality. Last year when I did a search on badges not getting updated it returned forum entries from members providing feedback that their badges had not been updated. When I tried performing the same search now, it didn't return any forum entries from members asking about their badges not getting updated.


  • Hi,

    Please mail to they will resolve it.



  • EricS

    @TristanS this should be resolved - please let us know if there are particular badges you were expecting to see.



  • @EricS I still don't see my Certified Solution Architect and Level 3 badge which I achieved in Sep and Oct 2022