How to update cell values based on different criteria


Dear all,

First of all, thank you all for all the support you provide here. It has been very useful in my training journey.

Now I am working on a report where I have to put data based on % value, so the total % is in a line item and in new line item, I am trying to rank it based on %. I am trying below formula, but it seems not working.

IF Cumulative QTY <=70% THEN "A" ELSE IF Cumulative QTY >70% AND Cumulative QTY < 90% THEN "B" ELSE "C"

Any help and pointers are highly appreciated.

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  • Hi @Sabita

    The formula looks to be fine at face value and should work. Can you please share the details of the module that you are trying to do this and what error you are facing?

  • Thank you anikdas, for looking into this.

    Yes, formula was fine and it worked.

    The issue was that I was using % it should be only numeric values.

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