Level 1 Exam - Activity 5

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Please confirm if the formula is correct for Medical Costs.

I missed the link now (and a bit lost),since My question 5 got wrong.I undertand model building activity in Question 5 is to be proper to answer question 6.

Now i want attempting Question 6 and not clear what formula to use for answering question 6.

Urgently please help,Iam stuck (as mentioned a bit lost/blank)


  • If we see Employee expense module, the dimensions are Employee#Lst.Active? and Time. However we are trying to loop up the Medical costs from Employee Drivers module whose dimensions are Country List and Department list. So in your lookup formula, looking up with'Role' may not map properly.

  • It seems like the exam passed a long time ago, right? Right in my field but sorry I can't help you. But sometime you can play super mario bros wonder. We will discuss more about this issue

  • @Unblocked Games 76 I am also preparing to take an exam in this field, but I realize that my knowledge is not strong enough. Can you help me?

  • @geometry dash I see that Location is already set for that line item. My best guess is that the data was removed at some point during the construction.

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    @ expertsmind Question 5 talks about strong demand and tight inventories leading to reduced incentives. question 6 might be related to analyzing the effects of the situation described in question 5.

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