Level 1 Exam - Question 6

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Iam getting blank data for question 6 in REP04 Employee Expense Summary for questin 6 Total expense for FY21 medical cost- Europe/Staff members

Following is the the screen shot for result in REPO4 in both grid and blue print.

Please help to have the correct formula for Medical cost.Iam blank frankly as of now.

blue print


  • Hi,

    I could see all of yours Line Item are having a subsidiary view which should not be the ideal case. Subsidiary view are mostly created due to dimension applied to that line item is different from the Module dimension or the Time dimension applied to the line item is different from the Module Time dimension.

    For Example : If the Module have a year dimension and the line items have a month or week dimension. You can verify this in the Blueprint view.

    Hope this helps.



  • MA

    Thanks Arnab.