issue on loading the import file chunks


Hi all

Our integration partner is having issues setting up the upload of text file based data objects towards our Datahub model. They are using the setup of importing file chunks (Upload a text or CSV file - Anaplan Technical Documentation).

Somehow, it seems the import of the chunks is interfering, not causing the chunks of data getting uploaded into the lists. When we check the history of the datahub model, we clearly see the 2 successive import actions, causing 1 data chunk not being imported correctly.

Has anyone ever run into this kind of issue?



  • Hi, How big is your data file, and what DI tool are you using to load data into Anaplan?


  • Hey

    They are using SAP CPI, and the data files vary throught the different integrations (from 4MB to 30MB). Each chunk contains max 2000 rows, being ~1MB in data size.

    We have been troubleshooting a while now, and it seems by implementing a default wait period in between sending these chunks (currently at 15s), it erases most of the issues, however... not all of them...

    We still encounter some chunks getting lost through this error 'Error obtaining input stream (caused by: File not found)'. Very weird, since some of the chunks were already send through the same input stream