L1 Wrong Import: Decimal Data imported as Integer


I'm having this constant issue

When importing from an excel worksheet . if i try to import decimal numbers into a module . The number becomes an integer.

Example : 20003.44851 becomes 2,000,344,851.0

PS : -the target format is Number

-No error is displayed

What i got

What i was aiming for

Can you please help me figure out the source problem

Than you

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  • Misbah
    Answer ✓


    When you created an import, you must have overlooked one parameter on the first window/pop up i.e., thousand separator. Change it and then re run the import.

    If you are a beginner I would say create a new Import and pay attention to this field.

    If you are at advanced level, Click on Manage Import Data Source and change the Source file and then change the parameter of thousand separator.

    Hope that helps


    Miz Logix