How to convert Month to year (Ex: Apr 22-Mar 23 to FY 22as year)


Hi Everyone,

Is there any method that we can convert month to year, as i have scenario like timescale was APR 22 to Mar 23 as text formatted line item and we need to get a time period format as year and value would be as FY 22.

Any Advice.



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  • Maheshkumar08

    Hi Misbah,

    Thanks, I have done that and earlier my mistake was i missed the Parent formula and now, Its cleared.


  • @Maheshkumar08

    Text has to be split into two time periods and then work off of that. In your case if it is FY 22 based off of Apr 22 then then I would say do this create three line items

    1. LEFT(Text Formatted line item, 6), Format should be Text
    2. FINDITEM(TIME, Line item 1) - Format should be Time period, Month
    3. Parent (Line item 2) - Format here should be Time Period, Year

    Hope that helps


    Miz Logix