Time Spent on L3 Sections

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I am planning to start L3 over the next week. Can someone provide a breakout of how long it took them on average to complete the sections below? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Level 3 Model Building:

  • Introduction
  • Process Flow & UX Design (Time estimate?)
  • Schema Design (Time estimate?)
  • Sprint 1 (Time estimate?)
  • Sprint 2 (Time estimate?)
  • Level 3 Model Building Exams (Time estimate?)

Total Time: ~40-60hrs


  • Hi

    I have completed my L3 training last month and I noticed several factors that determines the amount to time consumption to complete your training:

    1. Grip over L1 and L2 training: If you have completed your L1 and L2 training with full dedication and revised it multiple times, you would find using the application of former trainings.
    2. Understanding Business Logic: If you understand the flow of model building activities along with the functions and formula required, you would notice that L3 training is a chain of those Business Logic. For instance you create prototypes, model schema easily once you understand the business logic.
    3. Understanding User Stories: Although th User Stories are elaborately explained, L3 would want you to try to break the user stories in more smaller pieces and then apply the logic to build modules.

    Considering above three factors in mind, I believe if you have done L1 and L2 with full dedication, it should not take more that 1.5 months to complete L3.

    Hope this helps !

  • In the Schema Design part, you will learn how to make a database schema that effectively shows your data. It usually takes between 6 and 8 hours to finish this part. It includes learning about entity-relationship modeling and database normalization and then using these ideas Tunnel Rush to make a well-structured schema.

  • stevejobb

    You have planned and built a roadmap to complete L3 in the best way. It will be achieved when you really try.
    It is important that you have solid knowledge and foundation with L1 and L2 capybara clicker exercises. Understand business logic, User Stories, build reasonable modules.