Anaplan Connect and SSO


Is it possible to manage Anaplan Connect authentication with SSO? Thanks in advance


  • ChrisStauffer
    edited January 2023

    If the actions you want Anaplan Connect to run are for models in a workspace using single sign-on, we recommend using Certificate Authority (CA) Authentication.

    If you use Anaplan's Basic authentication, the Anaplan Connect Single Sign-on (SSO) user must be an Exception User.

    Check the information in the AC guide.

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  • HI @LaraMorigi

    I do not think so. I have found this post from the community that perhaps you might find useful:

    By looking at this post, and based on my own experience, there are only 3 ways of entering your credentials in Anaplan Connect, and neither of them work with SSO.

    Important: options 1 and 2 below require to make an exception user for the account being used

    1. Enter no credentials nor certificate in the batch: you will be asked to enter your credentials manually every time you run the batch. Problem is that you cannot automate the process.
    2. Hardcode your user and password in the batch file. The problem is the your credentials could be disclosed. (Alternatively, you can type your credentials in a different .bat file and call it from the Anaplan Connect batch, but it makes not much of a difference)
    3. Use a CA Certificate from a 3rd parties like Comodo.

    I hope this helps.



  • Very useful, thanks!

  • Yes ! Thanks!