Xlookup in Anaplan


Background: have a strange 2-level hierarchy where items are at the top level if they have any children, and they are at the 2nd level if they have any parents. I have many items that exist at both the top level and lower level of the hierarchy, up to 5 levels deep (but only 2 levels ever show up in the parent to child structure - it is pretty confusing). The display name of those duplicate list items is the same, but the code and name (numbered lists) are different. What I'm trying to do is isolate those items that are only top level items and aren't shared across both levels.

In Excel I could do an Xlookup that says, look for all the values of this column against all the values of another column and if the top level item exists at the lower level then it is false, else it is true. Is there a way in Anaplan to look for any value in one column against any value in another column?



  • Hi @atwise

    Can you please share a snippet of the data that you are dealing with (a csv file would be most helpful)?