Splunk integration w/ Anaplan

Hi Team, Is it possible to integrate Splunk w/ Anaplan to know in detail what the Action ID start date w/ Time and End Date w/ Time details, to exactly know what is total duration took particular actions


  • It is not possible to do this directly with the Anaplan platform but you could record all of the timings of your actions via the API and feed that to Splunk if you want a better way to interrogate that data.

  • hey Mark, Thanks for the reply, I checked this https://anaplanbulkapi20.docs.apiary.io/#/reference/import-actions but not sure how I can use API calls to fetch these details. Can you please help here?

  • Well it would be a case of writing code around the API calls to capture when those happen and to log the information you need. Anaplan Connect has its own logging that could be used but might not be in the format or detail needed. We have left the API as minimal and open as possible to give the flexibility to coders to fit it in to their programs and applications...