Dropdown-formatted line item with default as one of the list items and restrict turning as Blank 


Hello Everyone,

Is there anyway we can make alteration in Dropdown-formatted that having a list item as default and blocking user from making that as Blank?

User can able to add new list item in that module where i am using that dropdown-formatted line item

If not i will add that default list item manually




  • Hi @HarishBabu

    You can create a line item (preferably in a global lookup module) to store the default value that you want to assign when a new list item is created. If any new list item is created/ any existing field is left blank, use the default value stored in the global lookup module.

    In order to make this effective and transparent, have the following line items:

    • Input line item - for users to input
    • Calc line item - which will show the default value in the beginning; if the user chooses a value from the dropdown, it will show the user-selected value
  • ChrisStauffer
    edited January 2023

    You can also build boolean conditional logic to disable the action button until they make a selection of some kind from the drop list

  • Hi @anikdas ,

    Thanks for your answer, I am trying to achieve it with single line item because that module is using to get data from user. I created a button where they can add new list items, those list items corresponded line item don't have anything in dropdown. it will be good if Anaplan has that feature.